Pictures of children in cages litter the television, and polls show Americans want a pathway to citizenship for those in the country illegally. Yet, we know a hawkish immigration policy was a main factor in Trump becoming president.

Our poll indicates why Trump may have more Americans behind him than is assumed. No, it’s not a majority, but 44% of Americans say Trump’s policies on immigration are about right or don’t go far enough in restricting immigration. Among voters, this creeps up to 45%. That’s right near Trump’s vote share in the last election.

Only a bare majority of voters, 52%, say Trump’s immigration policies go too far. A -7 point gap may not seem like good thing for Trump, but it’s less negative than his overall net approval rating.

When you break it down by region, the numbers become a little friendlier to Trump. Midwest voters are split 48% to 48% on whether the President’s immigration policies go too far or about right/don’t go far enough in restricting immigration. Trump, of course, counts on the Midwest to aid him in the Electoral College.

Don’t be surprised if Trump leans more on immigration in the coming months, if he feels the economy is going south.