Stylish parents have been using trendy-yet-superfunctional Dagne Dover bags in place of regular diaper bags for years—so it’s not too surprising the company has launched a new baby line designed specifically for the purpose.

The Baby Capsule collection, which debuted today, includes two totes, a backpack and a changing kit. All of the products are available on the Dagne Dover site.

The new diaper totes — named for the founder’s niece, Wade — come in two sizes. The larger bag is for the new parent who needs “their life in a bag,” while the smaller one is for the parents chasing on-the-move toddlers. The diaper totes and the Indi Diaper Backpack, which comes in six colors, are made from the same Neoprene material and air mesh as Dagne Dover’s popular Dakota Backpack.

Hyper-functional diaper bags

The new Baby Capsule bags include a range of organizational features the company is known for. Those include stroller attachments, two key leashes (which can double as paci holders), a bottle holder, dirty clothes bag and a zipper pocket for super-quick access to baby wipes.

The easy-to-clean bags are meant to have staying power. Jessy Dover, Dagne Dover co-founder and creative director, says she throws her Indi Diaper Backpack in the washing machine. And the bag’s smooth zippers are big enough to use without having to take it off every time you need something.

Inclusive and gender neutral

While the bags come in six colors, there are no pastel pinks or floral patterns. Dover said the line’s inspiration was from a noticeable lack of masculine and gender-neutral baby gear. And Dagne Dover, a gender-neutral brand in the first place, saw an opportunity to create a high quality option for men. But while the bags were inspired by guys, they’re designed to be gender neutral so that any caregiver — mom, dad, babysitter, grandparent — will feel comfortable carrying them.

The Baby Capsule bags are designed for busy and stylish parents who want to stay organized. But we can see this bag remaining in the rotation even when the kids are out of diapers.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.