Sean Rayford/Getty Images
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden plans to argue on the debate stage tonight in Houston that “it’s not just about plans; it’s about getting things done for people,” a senior Biden campaign aide told reporters in a pre-debate briefing this afternoon.

Three Biden aides repeatedly identified health care as an issue on which they expect to see him make that point, as he argues for a more moderate approach that would build on Obamacare while his chief progressive foes, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, make their cases for Medicare for All. 

Biden will emphasize “the difference between talking about change and getting it done,” the aide said.

“You’re going to hear him reject the premise that the ideas he is putting forward is incremental. We believe there is a false dichotomy in this race … between candidates who are supposedly the liberal revolutionaries and those who are about incremental change,” the aide said.

On health care, the aide said, debate viewers can expect to hear Biden “make a case that it is the fastest way, the most efficient way, to get help to families who need it.”

He will also cast his campaign as focused on building on former President Barack Obama’s record, and Warren and Sanders as attacking it, the aides said. 

“The best way to help the most people is to build on the success of those eight years. You’ll certainly hear him make that case tonight,” the first senior Biden campaign aide said.

It comes after Biden’s campaign released a video championing Obama’s record and committing to build on it.