House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Attorney General William Barr should be held in contempt during an on-stage interview with the Washington Post.

“Yes, he should be held in contempt,” she said.

Remember: She’s referring to the Department of Justice’s failure to comply to the subpoena for the unredacted report, rather than his not showing up to testify. 

As for the negotiations this week to avoid the contempt hearing, Pelosi said:

“We thought they’d come back with counter offer, but they pulled a temper tantrum.”

Pelosi deferred again on whether the contempt vote should be brought to the floor.

“They’ll today take their action in the committee and then the next step would be to bring it to the floor. We’ll see what their recommendation is about that,” she said.

On possible impeachment, she reiterated nothing is off the table but still urged caution. 

“Well, nothing is ever off the table, but I would say that—there’s… I wish everybody would take a deep breath and be almost prayerful about this.”