House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s meeting with Democratic House Members has started.

Here’s how it’s expected to go:

Senior Democrats will give House members an update on their recent court victories and progress made on oversight of the Trump Administration:

  • Monday’s ruling that upheld Democrats’ subpoena seeking President Trump’s financial records from Mazars, the President’s accounting firm
  • A recent ruling that Congress’ emoluments lawsuit could proceed
  • The court hearing on the Congress’ subpoena of Deutsche Bank
  • Subpoenas issued by House Judiciary Committee to Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson

Pelosi will argue that her strategy of staying short of impeachment is getting results, as seen this week with the court victory in the Mazar’s case.

Here’s the key: Pelosi feels impeachment is a losing issue because the public isn’t behind it. It’s divisive, and will die in the Senate – the same arguments she’s been making for some time now.

At today’s meeting, the committee chairs will lay out their plans for investigations, then House Democratic members will ask questions and speak up, including ones who want to begin an impeachment inquiry. And Pelosi will have to defend her approach.

What to watch for: We’ll have a stakeout cam watching the doors for when it wraps. If any House Democrats want to talk, we’ll let you know what they have to say.