Otterbox hosts a list of ever-expanding products to protect phones from drops, scratches, water and much more. With the introduction of their Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial screen protector, we can add bacteria to the list.

Otterbox has branched in many different directions. Sure, they still have their mainstays like their Defender Series cases with pop sockets built in, but they have diversified from phone protection into releases like power banks and even food and drink coolers. While those exciting, they still continue to prove their skills at protective phone accessories like Amplify Glass with anti-microbial capabilities.

It’s hopefully no secret to anyone that phone screens are one of the dirtiest surfaces we regularly interact with. Otterbox’s newest screen protector aims to mitigate this problem by suppressing the growth of common bacteria on your phone’s surface. To be exact, the secret in the glass is EPA-registered antimicrobial technology. And since it’s embedded in the glass, it doesn’t interfere with clarity or use of your touch screen.

Even better, this anti-microbial property is just one of the benefits of an Amplify screen protector. Amplify provides up to five times better protection from scratches as other screen protectors. It also resists damage from drops and bumps to keep it intact longer. They’ll be coming soon to the latest iPhones, and are compatible even with thick Otterbox cases. And if you’re looking for similar screen protectors with interesting properties, be sure to check out Otterbox’s Glare Guard or Edge2Edge.

Otterbox has made it their business to protect phones, and with the Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial, that protection can extend to the user too. Right now you can get one for $TK on

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