As far as front door security is concerned, Ring’s video doorbells are up there with the best of them. And right now, you can add both a refurbished Ring Video Doorbell Pro and a refurbished Echo Show 5 to your home for an all-time low price with this Amazon bundle.

  • Refurbished Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Refurbished Echo Show 5 Bundle ($179, originally $258.99;

Refurbished Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Refurbished Echo Show 5 Bundle

Unlike most Ring video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro must be hardwired in order to function (or hooked up to a Plug-In Adapter), so be ready with your local electrician to set things up properly. But whichever way you choose to install it, you’ll be impressed with this little device’s capabilities. The Video Doorbell Pro contains a 1080p HD camera, which you can use to take a look outside any time via the Echo Show 5 or your mobile device. You can also speak to visitors at your door via Echo devices. Just say, “Alexa, talk to the front door.”

Then there’s the motion detector. If you’ve got the Ring app installed, you can opt to receive alerts on your mobile device whenever there’s movement outside your door. You can even set up motion zones to concentrate on important parts of your front yard, such as the front walkway. Of course, you’ll be alerted when anyone rings the doorbell, too.

With the Echo Show 5 showing off a live view of your front entry and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro keeping an eye out for motion, you won’t miss a thing. But obviously, the Echo Show 5 is capable of much more than just keeping an eye on your lawn. The charcoal smart speaker features a 5.5-inch HD display and all the power of Alexa you know and love, along with streaming services (both visual and audio), the ability to make calls and more. For a full review of the Echo Show 5, click here.

Plus, both of these items are certified refurbished — they’ve been repaired, tested and cleaned to look and work like new.

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