It was 4:55 a.m. in Beaumont, Texas when 25-year-old Ryan Perrault woke up. He stepped out of bed; his foot didn’t land on carpet it landed in water.

Tropical Depression Imelda is dumping massive amounts of rain, causing widespread and extremely dangerous flooding in the area.

Perrault’s first floor room at the Fairfield Inn had water come in from the window air conditioning unit.

“We immediately started picking our things up and knocking on everyone’s doors to try and notify them that we were taking in water,” he told CNN.

Outside, he said pretty much everything was flooded and there was no chance of anyone leaving.

The Fairfield Inn in Beaumont, Texas
The Fairfield Inn in Beaumont, Texas

“Everyone’s cars are done for and almost completely under water,” Perrault said. “And we just lost power so we are currently stuck here until this blows over.” 

He said he swam out to the truck to try and get as many of his tools as possible before the water ruined everything in it.

They now have no power.

He said staff at the hotel are manually writing down names and room numbers to try and get guests on the flooded first floor evacuated to the second and third floors. He says that 10 people are still waiting for a room.