The Prime Minister’s address dominated the front pages of newspapers in Britain on Thursday morning.

The Daily Telegraph splashed with “May on bended knee” to the EU, while The Guardian focused on May’s blame game: “Don’t blame me for Brexit crisis, blame MPs.”

The Daily Mirror calls May’s address to the nation a “deluded defiance,” and describes her as “arrogant” for not taking any responsibility for her “Brexit shambles.”

The Sun has photoshopped Theresa May’s head onto a character from a British sitcom who played a deluded anarchist. On its front page, it depicts May as raising her fist with the headline “Power to the people.”

In its leader column, the paper reiterates that May was the only one with a deal on the table.

“The Sun will not pretend her deal is great. It is just the only one available,” it said. “It gets Brexit done, as promised. And it does have merit for Leavers, whatever Tory backbenchers protest.”

The Times follows a similar tone, with May’s comments leading its front page. It suggested that May had tried to turn voters’ anger at MPs.

In its leading article, The Times wrote:

It is time for the opposition to stop chasing phantoms. And it is time for Tories to accept that Mrs May’s deal is the only way of securing Brexit, saving the party and sparing the country further humiliation.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times focused on May’s desperate pleas on its front page, and reported frustrations by EU leaders as Brexit talks near the final hours.

“This is a circus that is beyond comprehension,” said one senior EU diplomat working on Brexit. Another senior Brussels figure involved in talks likened it to “dealing with a failed state.”