Staying hydrated, especially during the summer time, is key. The Equa Smart Water Bottle is designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This $54.99 water bottle even pairs with a companion app for iOS or Android. The bottle connects via bluetooth and you’re able to fully personalize your experience. The bottle is a double wall insulated bottle so your water stays cold for a long time. It fits in cup holders and even though it’s double wall insulated, it’s fairly lightweight. The base of the bottle has a slip proof rubber covering so it isn’t falling over when you place it on a surface either.

The Equa bottle promises a lot and it definitely delivers. We really enjoyed using the Equa bottle and found ourselves more hydrated than we would be usually. The app, set up, and overall experience with the Equa bottle make it absolutely worth it.

The app

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

We’re not gonna waste any time here – this app is easily our favorite part of this bottle. You get every bit of information you need in a sleek and intuitive app on top of being able to personalize your experience with Equa. The app answers any questions you might have. There’s a tab in the app that hits all the top questions and provides information you would typically find in a user manual. Having this in the app is super helpful since you’re on the go with this bottle. Clicking on the different options in this page will take you outside of the app but it’s still really nice to have.

You’ll use the app to connect your bottle to bluetooth. This process was easy and you’ll need the base to be charged (we’ll explain this part a little bit later). The app walks you through the Bluetooth connection process and it takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Once your bottle is connected you’ll be able to fully track your water intake throughout the day. As you drink water Equa keeps track of how much water you’re drinking through motion sensing technology. It also uses the same tech to remind you to take a sip during the day. When you need to take a sip the bottom of the bottle will glow.

The start screen of the app is your hydration tracker. Here you’ll see your hydration goal, how much you should have had, and how much you’ve actually drank. You can watch your hydration be tracked in real time if you keep the app open and take a swig from your Equa. The tracker updates almost immediately.

You can view your daily, weekly, and monthly hydration stats on the next tab in the app. Here you’ll also find hydration insights, like the number of active days you’ve logged, your average sip frequency, breathing exercises, and the average intake of water. The next tab is where you’ll find the breathing exercises we’ve just mentioned. Equa is clearly all about making sure you take proper care of your body so this part of the app is awesome.

Set up

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

Setting up the Equa bottle was a really simple process. You’ll have to charge the base of the bottle. The indentation to pop out the base is easy to find and even though the base is secure on the bottle it was easy to remove. The charging port is hidden under a rubber cap which we had to put in a safe spot so that we didn’t lose it. We would have liked that cap to be attached to the base somehow but it isn’t a deal breaker.

The bottle comes with a micro-USB charger which is convenient. The charge lasts a really long time too. We used the bottle for about a month and then had to recharge. The app will also remind you to charge the bottle when the battery starts to get low. Another small part of the setup is attaching the carabiner clasp ring to the bottle cap. This is easy simple.

The next step is personalizing your Equa experience through the app. You personalize your experience by adding your height, age, weight, and activity levels. Equa then calculates what your hydration goals should be. You can also pick your measurement units (we chose US so it showed our intake in ounces). One of the coolest things about this app is that you can mark if the day is particularly hot or if you’re extra active and the hydration tracker will adjust accordingly. Those are days you’ll want to drink more water and Equa takes this into account by raising your hydration goal. You’re also able to add any water you drank that wasn’t from your Equa bottle. It seems like they thought through every step you might take which is one of the reasons we loved this bottle.

Lastly, you’re able to set the timing up for your glow reminders and the hours you’ll want. You can do this by tapping on the bottle icon in the top right corner of the app. You’ll find glow reminder settings, hours to remind you (they even have the option to set different hours on the weekend when you might be sleeping in). You’ll also find the battery level here which is nice so you’ll know to charge.

The bottle

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

We tested out the snow white colored bottle and it’s sleek for sure. The cap has a marble design paired with gold accents. The bottle is 23 ounces (or 700 milliliters) so it holds a good amount of water as well. While we were definitely on top of drinking our water while using Equa we also didn’t find ourselves needing to refill constantly. Our hydration goal was 79.8 ounces throughout the day so we refilled roughly 4 times.

The glow reminders are definitely helpful, but we will say if you don’t have eyes on the bottle you’ll miss your reminder. The light is pretty bright though. We used the bottle while sitting at the desk throughout the workday and we saw the reminders when they happened. If we didn’t have the bottle on us there weren’t any reminders from the app to go grab a sip. This would be a feature we’d appreciate, because getting an app reminder would help us stay on track when the bottle isn’t on our person.

The bottle itself is dishwasher friendly which is a huge plus. The tracker needs to be taken off however and this is a crucial step. You’ll have to remove the tracker anytime you wash the bottle since the electrics of it will get damaged if they get wet. The bottle cap is also dishwasher friendly so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the tracker.

Final thoughts

We really liked using the Equa bottle and found ourselves staying fully hydrated while using the bottle. The app is really intuitive and helpful. The entire experience with Equa is really personalized which is a huge factor for us in liking this bottle.

The bottle goes for $54.99 which seems pricey but is a decent price compared to other smart water bottles. You’re reducing your single use plastic consumption and keeping yourself healthy and hydrated which is a win-win. This is definitely towards the top of our list when it comes to smart water bottles.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.