(CNN) — A Tennessee spa is designed to have you feeling like you’re at Hogwarts, the famed school attended by Harry Potter and his friends.

Other decorative elements include tapestries like the ones seen hanging in the Gryffindor common hall in the movies.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," the first film in the eight-part franchise, was released in 2001.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” the first film in the eight-part franchise, was released in 2001.

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A portrait of the Fat Lady hangs on one door as a replica of the portrait that guarded the entrance to Gryffindor Tower in the blockbuster films. Harry Potter-themed spells and potions also protect the perimeters of some rooms.

“It was very important for me to not have it be gimmicky or hit you in the face when you walk in like you’re in a retail store,” Piedad told WTVF.

“I wanted it to be soothing and something that would cater to both Harry Potter fans and non-Harry Potter fans alike.”

Inspired by magic

Piedad has been working in the spa industry since 2006 but has always been intrigued by all things magical, including the TV show “Bewitched” and the movie “Practical Magic,” according to the spa’s website.

That’s why she opened Wand & Willow in 2018.

Piedad has no affiliation with “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling or Warner Brothers Entertainment, the films’ distributor and one of its production companies. (CNN and Warner Brothers share parent company WarnerMedia.)

For many of her customers, it’s also their first time visiting a spa. “I get a lot of first time visitors,” Piedad said. “[After], they always feel more in tune with themselves and happy they’ve had their self-care.”

She says more than half of her customers visit her spa because they share her enthusiasm for the world of Potter. “A lot of the die-hard Harry Potter fans will come decked out in Harry Potter clothes or their house crests’ colors,” she said.

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Pick from Harry Potter-themed spa packages.

The Marauder and the Phoenix

Customers can pick from Potter-themed spa packages:

  • The Marauder, named after a group of Gryffindors, includes a full-body massage and facial.
  • The Philosopher urges guests to “experience the therapeutic benefits of skincare and massage therapy focusing on your areas of concern” through an hour-long massage and facial, the website says.
  • The Phoenix offers the ultimate spa day: a 60-minute massage, 60-minute facial and 60-minute body wrap are offered to rejuvenate guests from head to toe. The spa also offers skincare, cosmetic and hair services, and apothecary products.

Not J.K. Rowling approved

The first official Harry Potter flagship store, which is authorized by Warner Brothers, is coming to New York this summer and will be located next to the Flatiron building in Manhattan.

But many fans like Piedad have turned their zeal into businesses without officially affiliating with J.K. Rowling or Warner Brothers.

Coffee MUGG(le), a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop, opened in Texas in 2018, offering magical drinks and decor inspired by Hogwarts.
Brick Store Pub in Decatur, Georgia, hosts an annual Harry Potter Night in February where patrons come in their wizarding robes and costumes to enjoy themed cocktails, beer and snacks.

Piedad said sharing her trade and the love for the Potter series is her goal for the spa.

“[To] just make everyone feel welcome and at home and let everyone believe there is a little magic inside of us… that’s what keeps people coming back,” she said.

CNN’s Amanda Jackson and Lauren M. Johnson contributed to this report.