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2 min ago

Emergency medical center opens to help injured

University Medical Center Utrecht has opened an emergency medical center to respond to the Dutch tram shooting.

6 min ago

NOW: Dutch ministers hold news conference

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus are holding a press conference about Monday’s tram shooting in Utrecht.

9 min ago

Rotterdam police increase security around mosques and stations

Rotterdam police have bolstered security around mosques and stations in the city, following the shooting on a tram Monday morning in the city of Utrecht, the city’s police said on Twitter.

Rotterdam is approximately 60 km (or about 37 miles) from Utrecht. 

14 min ago

Police identify Utrecht shooting suspect

Dutch police investigating the Utrecht incident have identified a man in connection with the shooting.

In a tweet, officials say they are looking for a 37-year-old Turkish-born man named Gokman Tanis. The tweet — which is accompanied by an image from what appears to be a CCTV camera onboard the tram — adds, “do not approach.”

The photo published by police is time stamped at 10:41 — about four minutes before the incident on the tram took place.

27 min ago

Police searching for one suspect in Utrecht

Dutch police are searching for a single suspect in the aftermath of the shooting on a tram in Utrecht Monday, the National Coordinator for Security and Counter terrorism PJ Aalbersberg said at a news conference on Monday afternoon.. 

Multiple Dutch media outlets are reporting and showing images of what appears to be police gathered around a building in Trumanaan street, around 500 meters from the scene of the shooting.

30 min ago

He was in the building next door when the shooting started: „People came into the building, hiding“

From CNN’s Gianluca Mezzofiore

Vincent van Roon witnessed the shooting from his office.

„I was there at the moment of the shooting. I’m in a building next to the tram. I heard the shooting and people came into the building, hiding,“ he told CNN.

Van Roon recalled seeing a heavy police response and medical personnel working on one of the wounded in the street „for a long time.“

32 min ago

The area around the tram under lockdown

With CNN’s Gianluca Mezzofiore

Photos from the scene posted on social media show the tram stopped in its tracks with police tape locking down the area and multiple emergency vehicles nearby.

CNN’s Richard Quest said the area is now under a heavy police presence and described the atmosphere as „strange.“

„It’s very quiet, nothing is moving. There is a petrol station nearby that is closed, obviously. There’s nobody coming out of the offices or houses here because it is under a lockdown and some of the places have been evacuated,“ he reported.

One section of the tram is shielded by a tarpaulin, which is believed to be covering a body.

48 min ago

Multiple people wounded in Dutch tram shooting

The scene in Utrecht was quickly locked down by police and emergency responders.

Dutch authorities have launched a manhunt after a gunman opened fire inside a tram in the city of Utrecht on Monday morning.

What happened:

  • One person is feared dead and several were wounded in the shooting incident, officials said at an afternoon press conference.
  • Authorities are exploring „a possible terrorist motive“ for the shooting, which took place in 24 October Square at 10:45 a.m. (5:45 a.m ET).
  • The country’s threat level has been raised to 5 — meaning critical.

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