Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the Republican ranking member of the House judiciary, blasted Democrats on the committee for a hearing he believed is “nothing more than a character assassination,” and called Thursday’s preemptive subpoena, which Democrats issued in case acting attorney general Matt Whitaker refused to answer questions, “pure political theater.”

Collins, who represents a district that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, compared Democrats to children searching for Easter eggs, hoping to find something damaging to the President.

“I want to tell you a story: My kids are now grown. They’re 26 and down to 20. And I used to alway love the Easter season, and the time of especially hide and seek and going to find the eggs, and that look on their face when they found that last egg they were looking for. And just that look of surprise.
“And yesterday was that for me again. I was back being a father again. Because yesterday was nothing but pure political theater. It was wonderful! It was a time for hide and seek. The chairman had a hearing, ‘Let’s do a subpoena, we’re going to stand tough.'”

Collins said he “warned this committee a preemptive subpoena wasn’t a good idea,” and said it could have a “detrimental effect to the acting attorney general.”

“But hey, I’m the minority, who cares?” he asked.

About the subpoena: The committee preemptively authorized a subpoena to use if Whitaker avoids questions. The Justice Department said Whitaker would not testify without assurance he would not be subpoenaed — and the committee chair said he would would not use it if Whitaker was prepared to answer questions.