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August 13 coronavirus news

The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs’ star running back, Damien Williams, is opting out in the 2020 NFL season in part because his mom is fighting stage 4 cancer and he is worried he may expose her to Covid-19 if he plays.

Calling his mother his “rock,” he said she has been a constant presence throughout his career and suggested it could be difficult to play without her by his side.

“This is the perfect time to be with my mommy and spend time with her,” he told Anderson Cooper.

Williams, who is one of three Kansas City players to opt out so far, said that his mother was the champion of their family growing up and that it’s now his turn to shoulder some of the responsibility.

Williams acknowledged that after dedicating his life to football, it will be quite difficult to observe the season from home, but he added that he will be watching and wishes the best for his teammates and the season.

“I just feel like it was something I had to do. It’s gong to be hard to watch, but I am cheering at home,” he said. “… I’m excited just to see the season start and I am praying that it finishes.”

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