The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great alternative to the Nintendo Switch. It’s even more portable, and even though it doesn’t hook up to the TV, it plays all the games a Switch does. Right now, you can score a 32GB Switch Lite on sale at eBay in three colors: turquoise, yellow and gray.

  • Nintendo Switch Lite ($182.99, originally $199.99;

Nintendo Switch Lite

Unlike the Switch, the Switch Lite goes full-handheld. It’s a compact, portable console that still has the power to play Nintendo Switch games. The controls are even nearly identical, except there’s a directional pad instead of four circular buttons on the left; some gamers may prefer this setup as it’s more akin to both classic and modern consoles. In addition, the controllers on each side are built-in, lending to its overall portability. If you’re looking for even more details, you can take a look at our hands-on review here.

The Switch Lite features 32GB of memory built in, but it keeps the microSD slot so you can still expand its capacity. And fortunately, games like Link’s Awakening are less than 7GB. Plus, this sale lines up perfectly with sales from Mario Day. Even though March 10 is over, major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and GameStop have solid deals on Mario games and merch through the rest of the week.

So pick up your Switch Lite for over $100 less than the Switch, plus free shipping. For more great deals on eBay, check out CNN Coupons.

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