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Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect arrested


The chief of the Detroit Police Department said a tip led them to the commercial building where they found the parents of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley overnight.

“There was video that had one of the fugitives entering the building,” Chief James White said early Saturday morning.

White said the Crumbleys – who were declared fugitives after failing to show up for a court hearing on involuntary manslaughter charges – were unarmed and did not resist when officers found them.

“They appeared to be hiding in the building,” the chief said. He added that they were “aided” in getting access to the building, and charges may be filed as a result.

CNN reached out early Saturday morning to the parents’ attorney, Shannon Smith, who had earlier stated that the Crumbleys had left town for their own safety and intended to turn themselves in voluntarily. But the Detroit chief said there was no sign that the Crumbleys wanted to be found.

“This isn’t indicative of turning themselves in,” White said.

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