Fans of K-Pop sensation BTS will soon have some new merch to get excited about in the form of special editions of the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+. Decked out with a purple design including BTS’ iconic hearts, these Samsung devices are sure to become standard issue for any member of the BTS A.R.M.Y.

The phone bleeds BTS with purple glass and a bright purple backing. Plus, there’s a tiny purple heart underneath the S20+’s killer camera. The BTS logo is also brazenly engraved right below the Samsung logo on the back.

Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS Edition

The buds come with a charging case in deep purple, and the earbuds themselves are black with purple accents. They also feature tiny BTS emblems, namely the logo and iconic purple heart, on the top of each bud.

Available for preorder June 19, the Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS Edition comes pre-installed with BTS-inspired themes and the popular fan community platform Weverse. Also included are stickers and photo cards of the band members. The S20+ features a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, a fast octa-core processor and three cameras on the back. A 12-megapixel wide-angle, 64-megapixel telephoto and 12-megapixel ultra-wide let you capture almost any shot you want with the device.

The Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition features a purple charging case with the BTS logo and purple hearts. The buds, which are our budget pick for best true wireless earbuds, also come with photo cards of the band. And yes, they still feature 22 hours of battery life.

Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition

While this BTS collaboration will be available starting July 9, if you really want the most BTS for your buck you’ll have to lock in a pre-order starting June 19. When you order a Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition, you’ll get 50% off the BTS-edition Galaxy Buds+, in addition to a limited edition poster through July 8. If you opt for the buds alone, you’ll receive a BTS-themed wireless charger. However, if you go all out and preorder both devices, you’ll get two limited edition posters of the band for free.

We reviewed the standard editions of both the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy Buds+, and each performed well. Now with special designs and exclusive merch, the Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Editions are a no-brainer for any BTS fanatic in search of some new tech.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Editions go up for preorder on June 19.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.