Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Several killed in bow and arrow attack in Norway

Norwegian police believe a man who carried out a deadly attack with a bow and arrow in the town of Kongsberg acted alone.

One man has been arrested and there is “no active search for more people,” Drammen Police Chief Øyvind Aas said during a news conference in Kongsberg.

The suspect “moved over a large area” while carrying out the attack, which left a number of people dead on Wednesday, Aas said.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that there are several injured and several killed as a result of the action. The injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. The Kongsberg municipality has been notified and has set up crisis teams to assist and follow up with those who need it,” he said. 

Police in Norway will be temporarily allowed to carry firearms following the attack, according to the Norwegian Police Directorate.

“This is an additional emergency measure. The police currently have no concrete indications that there is a change in the threat level in the country,” the agency tweeted.



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