Microsoft Excel may not look like much, but it’s actually a very powerful data analysis machine with a vast number of formulas and tools you can use to organize, analyze and present data in a meaningful way.

With The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle, you can learn the inner workings on Excel and find out why it’s such a powerhouse. With courses that focus on functions and formulas, you’ll be exposed to the best ways to manipulate data and information. And with others that center around data visualization, you can learn the best ways to present your data and make it understandable. And while some of these courses are advanced, they’ve included a course that even those who haven’t used Excel can start with. Best of all, this bundle gives you lifetime access. No matter how much time you need to learn and practice, you’ll have it. Simply stream the lessons from any streaming device, be it computer or mobile phone.

For $34, you can sink your teeth into all that Microsoft Excel has to offer. This bundle has more than 30 hours of lessons that are chock full of examples and downloadable workbooks to learn from. As you learn from example, you can develop the skills to deal with your own data, be it personal or business finances. From automating tedious processes to filtering through information with ease, this bundle aims to cover the best Excel has to offer.

If you’ve never even worked with Excel before, fear not: Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced has you covered. Within it, you’ll find 80 lectures focused on building your skills from the ground up. Through these lessons, you can download and work on Excel workbooks to learn how Excel’s formulas and functions work by example. Plus, you can learn powerful conditional formatting and logical statements that’ll help you make easy work of even large databases. They also tie in Google Drive, showing you how to use it to collect data that you can later store in Excel.

As great as data analysis is, you’ll more often than not need to present your findings in a clear way to someone who hasn’t manipulated the info themselves. Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs takes on this challenge. The lessons within this bundle should help you unlock Excel’s potential for visualizing and presenting data in a clean and visually pleasing fashion. You can learn when and why to use each type of chart type. A series of hands-on demonstrations and exercises guide you through each technique so you can really see how it’s done.

When you learn Excel, you’re learning how to make the program work for you. The Ultimate Web Coding for Everyone Bundle can help you take the reigns of Excel and strive for mastery of both data analysis and presentation.

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